Migration Seminar & Group Orientation PLUS 1-On-1 Consultation - Canada, Australia, NZ & Japan

We regularly conduct migration seminar & group orientations plus 1-on-1 consult for intending students & migrants in the above mentioned countries aimed at providing them with relevant guides & tips including eligibility assessment that would help them facilitate their application with maximum chances for success under the existing immigration rules focusing on the following migration streams:

  1. Migration thru Education (Study-Work-Migrate) Pathway - Canada, Australia, NZ and Japan

Suitable for eligible professionals, skilled workers, college graduates, undergraduates and students (with year 12 or senior high school education)

  1. Skilled Migration Canada & Australia

Suitable for eligible professionals and skilled workers in various fields

  1. Migration in Canada thru the New Caregiver Pilot Program Pathway

Suitable for eligible health care professionals and graduates (Nursing, Midwifery, Medicine, Pharmacy, Caregiver Program and Others). 

Also suitable for graduates and students (with year 12 or senior high school education) who are interested to pursue the 1 year Co-op program (Study & Work) in an eligible health care program in Canada as a pathway to qualify in the Caregiver Pilot Migration Program.

The Seminar

Focusing on the following topics & discussions geared towards assisting applicants in pursuing a successful application under the existing immigration rules.

  • Visa & Immigration Eligibility Criteria & Requirements and the Legal Application Process
  • Visa  & Immigration Options for Student Family (Spouse, Common Law Partner and Child)
  • Keys Towards a Successful Visa & Immigration Application | How to Avoid Visa Refusal?
  • For Those With Visa Refusal(s) – How to Overturn the Visa Refusal?
  • Best Education Programs in Various Fields Eligible in the “Study-Work-Migrate” Pathway in Canada, Australia, NZ & Japan.
    • Certificate & Diploma Programs
    • Bachelor Degree Programs
    • Post Graduate Programs (Post Graduate Certificate, Diploma, Masteral & PhD)
    • Co-op Programs (Canada)

The One-On-One Consult

After the seminar proper, we conduct a 1-on-1 consult for attendees to determine their eligibility and the most suitable migration option that will give them the best chances for success and discuss the requirements & the legal application process based on the existing immigration rules. Getting a positive assessment and knowing your chances, the requirements and legal process is the first step towards a successful application.

If you are coming from previous visa refusal(s), we will help you determine how to address the specific grounds of the refusal and the best ways or remedies to overturn the same under the existing rules.

For the schedule of our upcoming seminars and group orientations, please contact our office at Telephone (632) 359-1121 / 63917 447-9960 or thru email at  info@r2rintl.net so that we can send you the  event details and the registration form.


International Education Seminar & Info Session by our Partner Colleges and Universities in Canada, Australia, NZ & Japan

Our partner colleges & universities in Canada, Australia, NZ & Japan regularly come to Manila and conduct a “free” seminar & group orientation which we organize for prospective students to discuss their courses & program offerings including “study & work” co-op programs, international student supports that they provide during & after studies including career & immigration assistance and promotional offers for Philippine students (e.g. scholarship, discounted tuition fee, low initial and installment payment term, waiver of IELTS, application fee, etc).

After the seminar, our partner school representatives conduct a 1-on-1 interview with interested attendees who would like proceed with their application and/or learn more about the institution, their courses, admission requirements & process and how to avail of their promo deals.

Attending in the said “free” seminar or info session will be an excellent opportunity for intending students  to be able to connect with the best recognized academic institutions in the said countries offering globally recognized courses eligible in the “Study-Work-Migrate” pathway, avail of their promo deals and facilitate the application for acceptance.

Stay tune for the schedule of our upcoming seminars & info sessions for our partner schools in Canada, Australia, NZ & Japan. Or better yet, contact our office at Tel. (632) 359-1121 or  63 917 447-9960 or thru email at info@r2rintl.net  so that we can send you the  event details and the registration form.