Visas & Immigration Services

  1. Full range of visa law & immigration services  including  representation of client’s application  with the concerned visa & immigration offices in collaboration with our partner immigration law firms in Canada, Australia  & other countries 
    • Skilled Migration  (Canada, Australia & NZ)  – For eligible Professionals & Skilled Workers
    • Provincial / State Nomination Program (Canada & Australia) – For eligible Professionals & Skilled Workers
    • Family Sponsored Migration (Various Countries) – Fiancé(e), Spouse, Partner (Common Law, De Facto, Conjugal or Same Sex), Child, Parent and Other Family Members
    • Business Migration (USA, Australia & Canada) – Start Up Visa Program (Canada), Investor, Entrepreneur, Treaty Trader and Self-employed
    • Temporary Residence (Nonimmigrant) Visas – Student, Internship, Visitor, Super Visa (Canada) & Other Visas
    • New, Denied & Appeal Cases  including Restoration of Status
  1. Full Service Visas & Immigration Solutions for Clients Pursuing Migration Thru The Education (Study-Work-Migrate) Pathway - Canada, Australia, NZ, Japan, US & Other Countries
    • Student Visa with Part Time Open Work Permit (While Studying)
    • Transitioning to the appropriate full time Graduate Open Work Permit (After Graduation)
    • Transitioning Permanent Residence Visa (Upon Meeting the Immigration Requirements)
    • Study Visa Extension / Renewal
    • Temporary Residence Visas for Family Members including Spouse / Partner Open Work Permit and Child Open Student Permit
Overseas Education Services
(Canada, Australia, NZ, US, Japan & Other Countries)
  1. One Stop Overseas Education Services
    • Guidance and assistance in the course &  school selection
    • Assistance in the application for admission  with  the best possible “enrollment deals” at a recognized educational institution
    • Assistance in  student visa, English test, health cover, accommodation and  travel arrangement
    • Assistance in applying for  “prior learning recognition’, school transfer and “education credential assessment”
  1. Co-op and Internship Programs

We have partnered with select educational institutions in Canada & Australia who are   authorized providers and/or visa sponsors of the following Internship Programs:

  • Canada Co-op Program (1 to 2 Years) – Up to 50% of the course is completed thru PAID full-time work internship placement in Canadian companies enabling students to gain international professional experience and a globally recognized qualification.
  • Australia Training Visa Subclass 407 Sponsorship - Paid Full time “Workplace Based Occupational Training” in Australian companies to improve skills, area of tertiary study, field of expertise up to 2 years.

Upon completion, the above internship programs provide stay back career and migration opportunities to the students / trainees in Canada or Australia upon meeting the immigration requirements.

Suitable for young professionals & recent graduates intending to gain international experience and a globally recognized qualification to enhance career prospects at the local & international levels.  Considered as better option for students who needs practicum, internship or OJT as a requirement for their graduation

International Language Supports

We provide customized English, French & Japanese language tests preparation review & coaching programs tailored to assist intending students & migrants to meet the language requirement for their visas, school admission and professional registration

  • English (IELTS & PTE) Tests Review & Coaching Programs
  • French (TEF & DELF) Tests Review & Coaching Program (Seasonal)
  • Delivered in-class  (max. of 7 candidates per class) or online tutorial platforms


How to Avail of our Services

The first step to avail of our services is to book for a 1-on-1 assessment & consultation with our office to determine your eligibility and the most suitable migration option that will give you the best chances for success.

If you are coming from previous visa refusal(s), you must bring the refusal letter issued by the visa or immigration office for review.

After a positive assessment and you decide to engage our firm’s services by signing a covering retainer agreement, we shall discuss with you the complete “Next Steps” geared towards a successful application under the existing immigration rules.


Marketing & Representation Services for Educational Institutions

We provide marketing and representation services for academic institutions in various countries in undertaking course promotions & student placement from the Philippines – An emerging market for international student’s recruitment considering the following:

  • With pre-dominantly young population (i.e. more than  60% of the 107M population)
  • More than 1.8 million new graduates build-up every year (University & Senior High School)
  • Big number of young professionals including those working overseas as part of the targeted student market
  • High level of English proficiency as Asia’s biggest and world’s 3rd largest English speaking country

Our Marketing Advantage - Our local market knowledge, experience and positioning backed up by a strong marketing team ensure the best results for our academic partners in building a strong marketing presence in the Philippines. Targeted, focused and effective promotion thru a dedicated & experienced marketing team means more international students enrolling in our partner institutions.

Promotional Education Events - We organize exclusive promotional seminars and info sessions for partner schools followed by a 1-on-1 interview with pre-qualified & pre-registered potential students. This is considered as the most effective promotional tool to reach and recruit a good number of eligible students from the Philippines.

High Visa Success Rate - As a professional immigration firm,  we are able to assist and represent our students in their visa application with a high success/approval rate thereby, reducing to the bare minimum the incidence of students unable to commence their course due to visa refusal.